Episode 33: The Titans are here

December 7th, 2017

Hello darlings and welcome to episode 33!. 


**The Corpse Crew**

Grand Nagus  - @grandnagus1


**Very Special Guests**



**Nobbel87** @Nobbel87:

The Story of The Warcraft Universe - Origin [Lore]

**Songhammer** @Songhammer:

SONGHAMMER - LEGION - BlizzCon Exclusive

**Hirumaredx** @Hirumaredx:

Top 10 Undead Lore Characters

**Kavo350** @Kavo350 and **Ceschiia** @ChiaRocks:

So What You Gonna Do [WoW Parody] - Kavo & Ceschiia

**HazelNuttyGames** @HazelNuttyGames:

Snozz Pet Battle Guide and Family Fighter Strategies

**Emberisolte** @Emberisolte:

Buttons [WoW Parody]

**Sharm** @Sharmiex and **PvPGurl Gigi** @PVPGurl:

Emerald Dream HD Remake - Gigi & Sharm (WoW Machinima)



Last but not least i would like to thank Patty Mattson, the Voice of our beloved Dark Lady for our intros and outro. You can find her on Twitter @PattyMattson and on her webpage pattymattson.com check out her awesome work. We love you, Patty!!

I hope you enjoy this episode!  Thank you so much for the iTunes and Stitcher reviews!  You can tweet the show @CorpseRunRadio, and you can email the us at CorpseRunRadioMail@gmail.com.

 Check out amazing artist Frenone!!  Creator of our CRR logo Find more about her at www.frenone.net; @frenone; @BadgeBages; http://Twitch.tv/frenone Patreon.com/frenone - we LOVE her!!!!  

And as always....may the Dark Lady watch over you!


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