August 19th, 2015

Hello darlings and welcome to our 19.2 mini-cast! 

Savage Cub, Legion Overview, Legendary Questline & The Story So Far...

--We're missing Grand Nagus this episode, but send HUGE hugs & congratulations to his parents on their 50th Wedding Anniversary!! Wow!  

**The Corpse Crew**

Leeta - @Leetawow

Be sure and check out Leeta's latest podcast, this one with Stone, all about the Iron Man, Bloodthirsty and Pacifist WoW challenges! It's called the Wow Challenges Podcast!  Catch the very first episode LIVE on Saturday, Aug 29th at 7pm EST at ConnectCast.tv/stone 

See also - http://wowchallenges.com/index.php?Show=Podcast

Kameo - AskKameo@gmail.com,  @kameo666,  in game: kameo#1392

Grand Nagus  

@GrandNagus1; Towerofcommerce@gmail.com

Robin Blay  


**Special Guests:**

**Dorons Movies**

@doronsmovies; https://www.youtube.com/user/Doronsmovies

World of Warcraft: Legion - Overview of the Lore -



@Nobbel87; https://www.youtube.com/user/Nobbel87   

The Legendary Questline Chapter 4 - Alliance & Horde PoV [Lore] - 


**World of Warcraft** 

@Warcraft; https://www.youtube.com/user/WorldofWarcraft

The Story So Far... - 


I hope you enjoy this mini episode!  Thank you so much for the iTunes and Stitcher reviews!  You can tweet Juuno @Juunoswow, the show @CorpseRunRadio, and you can email the show at CorpseRunRadio.gmail.com.

And as always....may the Dark Lady watch over you!

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