CRR Episode 35: Timewalking Burning Crusade

January 24th, 2018

Hello darlings and welcome to episode 35!. 


**The Corpse Crew**

Grand Nagus  - @grandnagus1


**Very Special Guests**



**Nobbel87** @Nobbel87

The Story of Maiev Shadowsong - Part 1 of 2 [Lore]

**Sharm** @Sharmiex

Sharm - Draenei [WoW Parody]

**Nobbel87** @Nobbel87

The Story of Maiev Shadowsong - Part 2 of 2 [Lore]

**Silver Letomi** @SilverLeto and **Kavo350** @Kavo350

Jaina/Kael'thas FUSION PARODY

**HazelNuttyGames** @HazelNuttyGames:

Personal WoW Mailbox! Get the Mailemental Pet, Postmaster Title and Mailbox Toy

**Kavo350** @Kavo350 and **Ceschiia** @ChiaRocks

Bad Hordie (WoW Parody) Ft. Ceschiia


Karazhan - World of Warcraft Lore

**Sharm** @Sharmiex

Sharm ~ Karazhan (World Of Warcraft Parody)




Last but not least i would like to thank Patty Mattson, the Voice of our beloved Dark Lady for our intros and outro. You can find her on Twitter @PattyMattson and on her webpage check out her awesome work. We love you, Patty!!

We hope you enjoy this episode!  Thank you so much for the iTunes and Stitcher reviews!  You can tweet the show @CorpseRunRadio, and you can email the us at

You can also find us on Facebook at Corpse Run Radio

 Check out amazing artist Frenone!!  Creator of our CRR logo Find more about her at; @BadgeBages; - we LOVE her!!!!  

And as always....may the Dark Lady watch over you!

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