1 - Your Azerothian Day, the Forsaken Way

November 24th, 2013

Hello darlings and welcome to Corpse Run Radio.  Twice a month we'd like to gather here to celebrate good friends, good music, the Forsaken and that game we love to play...World of Warcraft.  It's your Azerothian day, the Forsaken way... ;)

Our inaugural episode is blessed by amazing talent with Big Steve, Leeta, Kameo, Brunhilda, Kelp Keeper Walsh and Grand Nagus.  Their segments are brand new to the interwebs and all full of WoW goodness!  

Big Steve rocks our world with his new segment...send your questions to Big Steve at ToastCrawler@gmail.com (he's also on Twitter @ToastCrawler, and in the game BigSteve#1531) and he will answer your question in a freaking awesome personalized song!  Big Steve is just amazing, so be sure and take advantage of this fun opportunity.  His Corpse Run Radio song blows the lid right off our coffin. ;)  

Leeta's Littlest Pet Shop tops that amazingness off with the calm, cool, leeta-sauce that only Leeta can master.  She'll help you master those unruly pets of yours as well in her new segment...thank you Leeta!  You can also listen to that beautiful Leeta voice on her podcast, Behind the Avatar, and also on the Geektopia and CtrlAltWow podcasts, and you can track her down on Twitter @Leetawow. (huggles, Leeta!!)

Kameo is a master of the game and can answer all of your World of Warcraft inquiries, from raiding to alts, he's go the answers.  Shoot Kameo your questions at AskKameo@gmail.com, tweet him @kameo666, or find him in game at kameo#1392. Please note: there is a small amount of audio distortion in the middle of Ask Kameo, however, it doesn't last long...hang in there, it's worth it. :)

Brunhilda is a henchman of the Headless Horseman; since Hallow's End is over she's decided to troll the official World of Warcraft forums and answer some questions as well.  She's a real witch, so she doesn't share any of her contact information or seek questions from listeners.  Her advise should rarely be followed, and is not endorsed by Corpse Run Radio (but please don't tell her we told you that. ;)

Kelpkeeper Walsh produces an absolutely fantastic Forsaken Lore segment for us and I cannot be more delighted!!!  Full of undead sounds and Forsaken information, it tantalizes the senses and sheds light on a dark, shadowy area of World of Warcraft lore.  You can also find the extremely talented Walsh on one of my very favorite podcasts, the excellent Darkmoon Herald, and you can find him on Twitter @KelpkeeperWalsh.

Finally, we get our first small taste of Grand Nagus' new segment, The Ulduar Experience!  Grand Nagus is an excellent and seasoned raider, having done pretty much everything in the game.  His insight and advice have been invaluable to noobs, like myself (both in the game and out of it) and experienced players as well, and I eagerly anticipate this series. You can find Grand Nagus on the twitters @GrandNagus1.

MUSIC!  Yes, we haz the musics both official World of Warcraft music (used with permission) and fan-made original and parody music.  

This episode features Undercity Girls by Silver Letomi, you can find this song at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x83hnYNZr_g    and http://www.purevolume.com/new/Letomi - you can find more of her fabulous music at both of those sites as well and Corpse Run Radio sends great big hugs and thanks to Silver for allowing us to play this perfect song here.  

This episode also features the hauntingly beautiful song, The Music of the Raid, a WoW parody song by Kavo350!  You can find this and other excellent music from Kavo at (http://www.youtube.com/user/Kavo350?feature=em-message_received)  http://www.purevolume.com/KavoJakeWesley and we're also sending lots of great big hugs to Kavo for letting us use his music as well.  Thank you for making such fantastic WoW fan music! 

Finally, one of our long-time favorites, Power of the Horde, by Blizzard's own Elite Tauren Chieftain's (then, the Level70 Elite Tauren Chieftains...hehehe) wraps up this podcast.  The Forsaken ARE metal and so I just had to have this one in episode one.... thank you Blizzard!  You can get this song for your own at: http://www.last.fm/music/Level+70+Elite+Tauren+Chieftain

I hope you enjoy this episode; I am Juuno...you can find me on Twitter @Juunoswow, on the Juuno & Pixie and JuunosCorner podcasts, most weeks chiming in on the CtrlAltWow and sometimes even the Bitter & Salty podcast (I'll also make an appearance on Low Pop Wow and on The Darkmoon Herald soon)  You can email the show at CorpseRunRadio.gmail.com.

Dark Lady watch over you...
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